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Calendar to manage your man-hour.

AuthorWavky Huang
Keywords man-hour manhour man hour calendar schedule

A simple monthly calendar for checking and scheduling your working man-hours. (Mainly for Japan)


This is a CLI tool, just as my first python project, created to deal with my monthly man-hour calculation.


The simply way to use it like this flow:

# Initialize your Job file first.
# It will also update the Japanese holidays schedule at the first time.
$ mhcalendar -J ...

# Check out the man-hour schedule of current month.
$ mhcalendar

# Check in your man-hour of first day.
# Ensure that you will check in everyday.
$ mhcalendar -c 8

# Check out your schedule again to confirm your next day's work hours.
$ mhcalendar

# Schedule your day off or on duty days anytime before it comes.
# For example, make date of 9, 10 and 11 as dayoff, and go to work at 13th.
$ mhcalendar --dayoff -- 9 10 11 -13

# Remember to Update your schedule by calling this
$ mhcalendar

For more information you can check it out by command:

$ mhcalendar -h

Also you can run it by your python script, refer to this file:


This program is written in python3, you need to install the python3 and pip3 before this installation.

pip3 install ManHourCalendar

About data

For simple, we haven’t use database this time, all data is only cache in this folder as files:

# or your user dir in Windows such as

And holidays schedule is fetched from the site below: