azure-cli-shell 0.2.2 2017-04-18

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Microsoft Azure Command-Line Interactive Shell

AuthorMicrosoft Corporation

The interactive shell for Microsoft Azure CLI (Command Line Interface)

  • Interactive Tutorials
  • Lightweight Drop Down Completions
  • Auto Cached Suggestions
  • Dynamic parameter completion
  • Defaulting scopes of commands
  • On the fly descriptions of the commands AND parameters
  • On the fly examples of how to utilize each command
  • Optional “az” component
  • Query the previous command
  • Navigation of example pane
  • Optional layout configurations
  • Fun Colors


$ pip install --user azure-cli-shell


To start the application

$ az-shell

Then type your commands and hit [Enter]

To use commands outside the application

$ #[command]

To Search through the last command as json jmespath format for querying

$ ? [param]

Note: Only if the previous command dumps out json, e.g. vm list

To only see the commands for a command

$ %% [top-level command]

To undefault a value

$ ^^ [value to undefault]

Use Examples

Type a command, for example:

$ vm create

Look at the examples

Scroll through the pane with Control Y for up and Control N for down #

Pick the example you want with:

$ vm create :: [Example Number]

Dev Setup

Fork and clone repository

$ .

To get the Exit Code of the previous command:

$ $

Clear History

Only clears the appended suggestion when you restart the shell

$ clear

Docker Image

There is a docker image on docker hub

$ docker pull oakeyc/az-cli-shell:latest
$ docker run -it oakeyc/az-cli-shell:latest
root#: az-shell

Release History


  • Public Preview release


  • Preview release