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Python-bindings for CityHash, a fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm

AuthorAlexander [Amper] Marshalov
Keywords hash hashing cityhash

A Python wrapper around CityHash

Getting Started

To use this package in your program, simply type

pip install cityhash

After that, you should be able to import the module and do things with it (see Example Usage below).

Example Usage

The package contains 64- and 128-bit implementations of CityHash algorithm that are named as such:

>>> from cityhash import CityHash32, CityHash64, CityHash128
>>> print(CityHash32("abc"))
>>> print(CityHash64("abc"))
>>> print(CityHash128("abc"))


If you want to contribute to this package by developing, the included Makefile provides some useful commands to help you with that task:

git clone
cd python-cityhash
make env           # creates a Python virtualenv
make test          # runs both Python and C++ tests

See Also

For other fast non-cryptographic hashing implementations available as Python extensions, see MetroHash and xxh.


The Python bindings were originally written by Alexander [Amper] Marshalov and were subsequently edited for more speed/versatility and packaged for PyPI by Eugene Scherba. The original CityHash algorithm is by Google.


This software is licensed under the MIT License. See the included LICENSE file for more information.