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Forget about configparser, YAML, or JSON parsers. Focus on configuration.

AuthorJazeps Basko

Don’t let standard library’s configparser drive your configuration value access design. Let it do what it does best – parse and write configuration files. And let configmanager do the rest.

Main Features

  • Every configuration item is an object with a type, a default value, a custom value and other metadata
  • No sections required
  • Any depth of sections allowed
  • INI (ConfigParser), JSON, YAML formats
  • click framework integration
  • Designed for humans

Source Code and Issue Tracking

Quick Start

Install from Python Package index with pip install configmanager.

Declare your configuration, the sources, and off you go. Remember, every configuration item is an object, not just a plain configuration value. If you don’t need the rich features of configuration items, use configmanager.PlainConfig instead.

import warnings
from configmanager import Config

config = Config({
    'uploads': {
        'threads': 1,
        'enabled': False,
        'db': {
            'user': 'root',
            'password': {
                '@default': 'root',
                '@envvar': 'MY_UPLOADER_DB_PASSWORD',
}, load_sources=[
], auto_load=True)

if config.uploads.db.user.is_default:
    warnings.warn('Using default db user!')

if config.uploads.enabled.get():