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A cross-platform modern shell written in Python.

AuthorLiam Schumm


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Ergonomica is a cross-platform shell language, implemented in Python. Ergonomica aims to modernize the terminal, in an easily-extensible and usable language, independent of the OS on which it runs. It uses existing core utilities such as the `os` and `shutil` packages, as well as other utilities written in Python, such as the `pyvim` editor, providing built-in tools that are not os-dependent. Existing Python language features such as asynchronous returning may replace components of the shell such as piping.

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How to Install?

See `installation page`_.

`@lschumm`_, Lead Developer. `@appleinventor`_, `@schtolc`_, `@dpp2000`_, Developers.

Ergonomica couldn't work without:

- `@jonathanslenders`_\'s amazing `prompt_toolkit`_ and `pyvim`_ (implemented in `prompt_toolkit`_)
- `@tartley`_\'s `Colorama`_


If you find an exploit in Ergonomica, please contact either `@lschumm`_ or `@insertplus`_ through `Keybase`_.

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