molo.profiles 5.1.0 2017-05-29

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User profiles to be used with Molo.

AuthorPraekelt Foundation
Keywords praekelt mobi web django

Provides code to help with User profiles in a project using the Molo code base.


This library does not provide a Django user model, it provides a profile model that can be attached to a user. Our experience is that custom User models in Django add all sorts of unpleasantries when using migrations.


pip install molo.profiles

Django setup:


If you want to enable user data being sent to a Slack Channel, insert the following:

SLACK_INCOMING_WEBHOOK_URL = '' # URL of slack webhook

    # Executes every morning at 8:00 A.M GMT+2
    'add-every-morning': {
        'task': 'molo.profiles.task.send_user_data_to_slack',
        'schedule': crontab(hour=8)