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Python Toolbox for the evaluation of soil moisture observations

Authorpytesmo Developers
LicenseBSD 3 Clause

pytesmo is a package which aims it is to provide a library that can be used for the comparison and validation of geospatial time series datasets with a (initial) focus on soil moisture.


Please see the latest documentation including examples of how to install and use pytesmo at .


If you use the software please cite it. Until our paper is finished please use the Zenodo DOI below:


We are happy if you want to contribute. Please raise an issue explaining what is missing or if you find a bug. We will also gladly accept pull requests against our master branch for new features or bug fixes.

If you want to contribute please follow these steps:

  • Fork the pytesmo repository to your account
  • Clone the repository, make sure you use git clone --recursive to also get the test data repository.
  • make a new feature branch from the pytesmo master branch
  • hack away
  • please include tests for your contributions in one of the test directories We use py.test so a simple function called test_my_feature is enough
  • submit a pull request to our master branch