vectools 2017-09-21

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Vectools - A bioinformatics-focused command-line utility for linear algebra, table manipulation, machine leaning, networks/graphs, and more.

AuthorTyler Weirick

# Vectools - A command line tool set for linear algebra and machine learning with a bioinformatics focus.

Vectools was created to simultaneously simplify and increase the development speed of informatics pipelines by reducing the amount of custom programs needed in analyses. Furthermore, Vectools is extensively tested reducing the changes of bungs in pipelines.

Vectools offers a wide range of operations related to the manipulation of vectors an matrices. These operations include: - Linear algebra - Table (Spreadsheets, CSV/TSV files, etc.) manipulation (Join, uniquifying, ) - Machine learning (Supervised and Unsupervised) - Support functions for machine learning (descriptors, PCA, feature selection, normalization, etc.). - Statistical analysis - Network-Graph manipulation